Buy a Resume and a Cover Letter as a Matched Pair

This is a difficult time to look for a job, and you will need all of the advantages possible as you face stiff competition in your quest. Particularly if you have not been in the job market for a while, you will be asking, “Where can I buy a resume paper that will get me results?” and “Where can I get a cover letter that will ‘force’ a decision-maker to read my resume?”  The reason you may be thinking about where to buy a resume paper is that the art and skill of crafting and distributing such a document has altered significantly, just within the last 4-5 years.

When buying resume papers, it is necessary to take into account that resume formats themselves have changed significantly, and the smart job applicant will spend time looking at various types of formats, in order to determine what best “works” for him/her. It is easy to become discouraged, as one struggles with format and content, both with the resume and unique cover letters for each position. For these reasons, a large number of candidates make the decision to consult the expert resume writers who know what they are doing. Certainly, there is no lack of services from which an individual may order a resume, and it is difficult to choose the correct individual or service without some solid research. Buying resumes and cover letters may, indeed, be the most important purchase of one’s current life, for it truly has long-range consequences. As you decide to get some help with your papers, you might want to consider the following factors:

  1. Price: Cheap resume services will deliver cheap resumes and cover letters. They use experienced individuals, perhaps, but they have only established templates which are used exclusively. They will take your information and simply “plug it in” to one of their templates. If you order resume from such a service, you may not find the uniqueness that makes you “you”. Cover letters will be of the “cookie cutter” variety as well, and they will look like everyone else’s.
  2. Targeting: Your particular career path and/or skills may easily relate to very different industries and organizations. Lawyers, accountants, IT specialists, administrators, personnel managers, and supervisors, for example, all have educational backgrounds and skills that may relate to openings in manufacturing, finance, real estate, medicine, etc. Select a service provider that is willing to alter the document to fit each organization to which you apply.
  3. Cover Letters: No service should be utilized to buy a resume if it does not provide a cover letter service involving unique and creative letters for each and every opening. This should be an on-going relationship between a client and his/her resume writer, until a position is obtained.
  4. Personalization: If you are going to buy a cover letter or a resume, be certain that any service you consider will allow lots of actual conversation and discussion with the assigned writer. Your writer needs to “get a handle” on your personality and put some of that personality into both the cover letter and the resume. Are you outgoing, assertive, humorous? Potential employers need to see humanness, not a robotic applicant. A worthy resume writer will spend some time researching the “culture” of an organization and crafting a cover letter that will show how well you mesh with that culture.