Buying a Resume is a Thoughtful Process

You do not have the expertise to produce your own resume, and this is no condemnation of you.  How many resumes and cover letters have you actually produced prior to your current job search?  There are only a few chances!  Given the complexity of these documents and the complexities of Internet-based employment searches, moreover, buying a resume and any other necessary documents, and finding the experts to market you correctly, is now a necessity.

Finding a trustworthy resume service which you can trust becomes the first step. If there is no one to recommend an exemplary resume service, then you will need to begin the search on your own.  Obviously, you will begin on the Internet because that is where resume services advertise. You may think that all services are basically equal and that you can order a resume that will meet your needs anywhere, but nothing could be further from the truth. If you need a resume that will be both compelling and professional, you have to be able to conduct some careful, thoughtful research. As you study a service which you may choose to help you with your resume, first understand that you will be buying more than just a resume. You will be contracting for professional employment search services, and that will be a total package. You can buy a resume only for a small fee; however, who will then create your cover letters which have become increasingly more important? Who will search out of all the resume databases on which to post your resume? Who will change formats and wording based upon specific positions in which you are interested? This will all be left to you when you buy a resume as a singular event.

What Full Service Entails

When selecting the writing service, you need to be certain that the following will be provided:

  1. You should be assigned a single employment search professional who has successfully worked with others who have similar backgrounds to yours and have obtained employment at similar levels to those that you wish.
  2. Your assigned professional should be willing to spend a lot of time discussing your background, your skills, your accomplishments, and your strengths. Based upon these, s/he will recommend one or more specific formats that are best for you and show you different CV/resume templates.
  3. Be certain that you select a service that will devise a unique cover letter for every specific position as well as a generic one that can be posted on databases with your resume.
  4. Ask your assigned professional exactly what the Internet marketing strategy is for your job search. If s/he is unable to give you specifics, do not trust such a service provider. You should hear about such things like resume databases, a personal website, job search sites, and keywords; you should be told that employment sites will be combed for openings and that your resume will be submitted immediately, along with a uniquely written cover letter targeted for that position.
  5. If the resume you have bought doesn’t give results, what can you expect from your employment professional? You should be able to expect for revisions until you begin to get the results – interviews!

You can buy a resume or you can contract for full employment services. Just make the right decision and choose the best writing service!