Errors That Resume Writers Should Avoid

Almost all resume writers would agree that creating a results-orientated resume is challenging. The task of describing one’s qualifications, career experience and achievements in a two-page presentation, which has the capability of capturing a recruiter’s immediate attention, requires a highly concentrated effort. So, to ensure that your resume is perfectly written and properly structured, it would be a right decision to make an expert write a resume for you.

1. Including too Many Personal Details

It is a well-known fact that a resume should offer prospective employers sufficient and concisely-presented information to enable them to gauge whether an applicant is suitable and capable enough for a particular position. A candidate’s competence does not depend, or should not be assessed, on religious beliefs, ethnic group, age, marital status or any other personal preferences, so these details are unnecessary on a resume. Also, resume writers should not include a photo or list their hobbies unless the latter has specific relevance to the targeted position.

2. Describing Remuneration Expectations

In most cases, one should avoid the mistake of listing their previous salaries. They will understand that prospective employers will be focused on what the candidate can contribute to their organization, not the remuneration aspects. Salary negotiations can be incorporated in the interview. However, do the requisite research and know what is appropriate for your level of experience and responsibility.

3. Avoid Complex Language and Jargon

The best resume writers ensure their resume is free of overly-complicated words or jargon. Keep the language simple. Remember, the recipient may not understand your jargon or may misinterpret it entirely. But, do use active vocabulary to draw attention to your career experience and future potential.

4. Adding Website Information

It is recommended, generally, that resume writers leave details of their personal website off resume documents. This is particularly applicable if the website has photographs (unless, of course, the applicant is a photographer and the photos are professionally-biased) or if its content could, otherwise, be construed as inappropriate. However, it all depends on the website’s function. If it is solely for personal purposes, resume writers should leave it out.  If, on the other hand, it showcases one’s professional skills or portfolio, it is entirely acceptable to draw attention to it.

5. Watch Out for Spelling and Grammatical Errors

Of course, it should be noticed that a resume must be free of grammar and spelling errors, especially as attention to detail is a prerequisite of many jobs. Naturally, you would not like to risk having their application dismissed because of such elementary errors. You wouldn’t want prospective employers to think that such errors reflect your work ethos. Resume writing is a task that can be shared and, let’s face it, a real professional can do it better than you.

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