A Job Search Requires Optimism (and Some Professional Help!)

If you are “tapped out” in your current job, underemployed, or a victim of the economy, you are now seriously in the job market. You may have begun with great enthusiasm, excited about creating your resume, and responding to position opportunities that seemed to be a perfect fit. Then, you become discouraged, because, even though your education and employment background fit the needs of employers, you are not getting any calls for interviews. Instead of giving in to the discouragement, consider that your application documents might need a major overhaul – you probably need to consult expert resume writers who have the skills and expertise to create compelling pieces for you.

As you begin to wonder where to buy a resume paper, first consider your needs:

  • Do you have a lengthy employment history that is gobbling up several pages? You will need to buy a resume from an expert who can carefully consolidate or reduce that employment history.  No resume should ever be more than two pages.
  • Are you currently unemployed or do you have gaps in employment? When you order a resume from a true professional, s/he will know how to create a format that will downplay these negatives.
  • Are you an entry-level job seeker? Writing a resume of this type will mean that your writer needs to focus on your education and training and all of your non-employment activities that have resulted in skills and qualities that an employer may value.

If you are looking for a job, you may need to ask yourself, “Where can I buy a resume and an extraordinary cover letter?” The nature of cover letters themselves has evolved – their language is less formal and they bullet major accomplishments/achievements succinctly but compellingly.  They must be creatively written in order to even get the resume read!  So, while you need to order a resume that will be stellar on its own, your cover letter may be even more critical.

Returning to the research for purchasing a resume, you will find no lack of the Internet sources, for this has become a huge business.  Access to a number of sites, and take a look at the language used on the site itself.  Is it creatively written?  Has the business been around for a good while?  Before you buy a resume, are you able to look at many samples of both resumes and cover letters?  If I were going to ask myself, “Where can I buy a resume paper”, I would want to be assured that my writer and I would be able to have lots of discussion and that my writer would be willing to do some research too. Every career field has its own language, and keywords/phrases specifically relevant to the field must be included in my resume.  This is important because, as most resumes are now posted on databases and on job search sites, an employer generally searches by these words/phrases.  As well, the cover letter and resume must be geared toward those skill sets and other strengths that specific employers value.

In deciding where to buy a good resume, the final and probably most important consideration is that of a long-term relationship. You want a service and a writer that will remain with you, providing changes and revisions and targeted cover letters throughout your search!