When a Resume Does Not Get Results

Job seekers who have not been in the job market for the past few years will be surprised how things have changed. First, most employers no longer advertise in newspapers and no longer except applicant documents via regular mail. Anyone technologically challenged will need to get “up to speed” immediately, even if s/he plans to buy a resume from a professional service. This will involve communicating via email, uploading personal, educational and employment history information, and the ability to access a variety of websites. Even the resume itself will need to be produced with the Internet searching in mind; most employers seek applicants via keywords/keyword phrases that are imbedded in cover letters and resumes posted on the web.

If you have a technological ability to get your resume “out there” and you are still not getting any “play,” then you must assume that the format used and/or the content itself is not gaining the attention of potential employers. You should make a decision to consult the best resume writers who know how to get a cover letter and resume noticed!

If you are asking, “Where can I buy a resume?”, you are not alone. Locating a professional resume service that provides the personalized and expert assistance you need is not as easy as you might think. In your search for where to buy a resume paper, you will discover that this is a booming business with thousands of services willing to take your money and go to work for you. If you need a resume that will truly get results, however, you will need to carefully research potential services.

Before you order resume from any service, you need to access its website and study it carefully. Be certain that the language on the site itself is grammatically correct. If you are asking yourself a question “Where can I buy a good quality resume?” not wanting to worry about language errors in your cover letter or resume, be certain that any service you consider will allow you to purchase a resume and individualized cover letters related to each position for which a resume is submitted. Buying a resume and thinking that you need no additional help is a big mistake. First of all, the same resume format may not be appropriate for all position opportunities. An expert will understand this and will suggest various formats based upon the job. While you start to buy a resume, you may, indeed, be buying several different resumes, and this should be expected if different types of employment fields are being considered.

You cannot, moreover, forget about cover letters, because these are the critical first pieces a potential employer sees. When you consider where to buy a resume paper, therefore, be certain that you look at several examples of letters they have actually produced. These should be attention-grabbing; they should reflect creativity of presentation and be no more than one page in length.

Remember – you cannot simply buy a resume and think that you are “good to go”. You need targeted cover letters, sage advice on how and where to post and submit resumes, and on-going assistance until you have your new job.