“The Times, They are a Changing”

Like the old Bob Dylan song, the methods of changing careers and/or finding a new job have changed dramatically in recent years. If you are technologically savvy, you understand that all initial job search steps will take place online. Companies advertise positions on their own websites; job search sites hold vast numbers of job openings, organized by career field and geographic locations; cover letters and resumes are submitted electronically, most often to unknown individuals. Even the format for cover letters and resumes has changed dramatically.  One thing has not changed, however. The letters and resumes that get read are those that stand out in some way, and, if you do not have the wherewithal to produce an exceptional document, you should consider buying resume from an individual or service whose only business is creating effective employment search materials.

Your first question will obviously be, “Where can I buy a resume?” The answer can be found with a simple web search, for there are literally thousands of agencies offering employment search assistance. And, at most of these services you will have options to purchase all levels of services, from seeking out job openings, to creating and submitting documents, to effective marketing, and, of course, follow-up reporting. The idea that one would simply order a resume, is not viable for most job seekers, because the entire process has become so sophisticated. However, if you have some skill, it would certainly be worthwhile to buy a resume of one type, look at samples of other formats and specific openings, and then tweak your own resume, as an opening might warrant. In addition to this, you might wish to order sample cover letters, which you may then use as models when creating your own cover letter.

For those who have been out of the job market for some time, the situation will be quite different.  The first step of finding expert resume writers will involve some careful research, looking at agency websites and asking important questions before a decision is made to order a resume and other documents from any one of them. Has the agency produced effective resumes in your career field? Can you see samples of these? How comprehensive will a search be? If you buy a resume and it does not achieve results, will it be revised? Can you get advice on multiple formats and which formats are correct for which types of openings? Will unique cover letters be created for each position opportunity? The choice of resume writing service, as you can see, will not be made quickly, but finding the right agency for your unique background, situation, and needs is tantamount to the desired result – that interview!

If you really want to get your dream job, you need to have a really good resume. If you feel you can’t describe all your achievements effectively, you can always ask professionals for help.  Understand that the selection of the correct service will probably be the most important step in the entire process. If you follow the recommendations of experts, you will be well on your way to securing a new position!