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It is necessary to agree with all Terms and Conditions while using the website. Avoid using, if you cannot accept even one of the terms and conditions.

Aged individuals are forbidden to use or have any access to website Your legal age must be confirmed before using or purchasing our services or products.

You have to be aware about Terms and Conditions before ordering /payment submission.

Whenever you make an order or payment submission you are obliged to be lawfully bound with all the Terms and Conditions which create the contract between and you.




In the document:

Website refers to

Customer, You are related to a person who submits an order to the

Company, Our company or we are referred to, the company is registered according to the USA laws.

Product – is presented in a written form and must be sent to the client according to his/her order. 

“Order” is referred to the order which is presented in electronic written form. Which must be submitted by the client online. It contains all the customer’s requirements and instructions.




Submitting the payment/order means that you buy the product for the use of non-commercial personal character only. The company has all the rights of the provided product. The product is drafted by the freelance writers. The product cannot be refunded.

The FAQ page provides necessary Information about our services. Before you decide to submit the order/payment it is in your interests to get to know the information regarding Terms and Conditions, which may be found at the FAQ page.

All tips are non-refundable. The payment for custom writing/editing/proofreading/rewriting/formatting may be refunded only. Tips cannot substitute an additional or compensation order.




If the order is completed the refund for such order is impossible. Special cases can be an exception, when may provide the refund at its own decision. If the customer wants get to know more about the policy connected with the refunds, he/she can refer to the Guarantee Policy of Returning Money. The information regarding bonus and discount programs can be learnt at our FAQ page.




Delivered and provided products are 100% original. All the products which are available at are meant for personal and non-commercial use only. All the clients are aware of the prohibition to transmit, distribute, publish, display and utilize the products contents of Clients are supposed to agree about keeping the company away from the usage of unauthorized materials which can be available at the website. Any use of the provided products and contents of which has an incompetent character may entail civil or criminal penalties.




In case if anybody who makes attempts to pass the product with plagiarism as the original one will be disqualified by and the contract, arrangement or agreement will be counteracted. The provided product cannot be distributed or given to the third party. When the gets to know that the product contains plagiarism the company has a right to refuse in further cooperation with you.

It is forbidden to write one’s name on the provided product. The provided  products are created for reference and research only. Any act of dishonesty or fraud  is not encouraged by our company.

We follow the laws of copyright and do not support any violation of the  copyright laws. There is an agreement between the customers and the company that all materials provided in the written form are supposed to be a sample for the research use and if you use them in the original papers you are obliged to put attribution and citation to the

The company is not responsible for any use of written materials or any products received from the company which has illegal character. This includes lawsuits, expulsion, plagiarism, poor grading, academic probation, and loss of scholarships / awards / titles/ prizes / positions grants. buyers hold responsibility foranydisciplinary moves which can arise from the improper, unethical or illegal materials use.




If you have a desire to get to know about the policy of the company regarding use and storage of the information of online guests, please, consider the Statement of Privacy. You have a possibility to look at Privacy Policy page where you can find the necessary information connected with credit, number and security.




The company does not approve, certify, or sponsor the sites with links unless it is stated. The company is not liable for the linked sites content.




During the order/payment submitting, the customers are interested in  understanding all the instructions and requirements from your side, namely:

You are obliged to site all the ideas and information which is used from the product.

All products which are provided serve only as research samples, and can be applied in the paper writing on the styles of citation (MLA, APA, Chicago, Turabian, Harvard etc.).

The writers who work on freelance base accept all the products and transfer rights  and ownership to its partners or the company.

The company receives payment for collecting, organizing, correcting, editing, positing, maintenance, administration, advertising of the for educational aim.

It is prohibitted to distribute, transmit, modify, display, create not original works from the products without company’s consent.

After the research is complete all provided products must be destroyed.




The warranties or representations towards the company are not made by the company, whether expressed or implied, by law emerging, or including the merchantability warranty which matches a certain purpose or non-infringement of any offered warranties which can arise from the performance,  trade, dealing course or usage.

The company is not responsible for any errors present on the website. You are holding the responsibility for estimation of the accuracy of the information, advice, completeness and opinion connected with the service.

You are to agree concerning release of the directors, employees, agents, shareholders, affiliates, subsidiaries, representatives, promotion, fulfillment agencies, advertising, any information and data sources, losses, legal advisers harmless from all damages, rights, rights, claims and any type of actions related to the products delivered, including:

-Internet, electric, computer and email malfunctions, telephone software and hardware, any difficulties failures;

-incomplete, failed computer transmissions, delay, garbles;

-problems without any reference to the control of company, that may lead to corruption, delay, and the product destruction.

-any injuries, losses, damages which can arise in the result of our services utilizing.

-printing  and typographical mistakes in materials related to our services.

In addition, you have to make an agreement to defend, protect, hold the affiliates of the company harmless from any demand, suit or claim, including fee of the attorney, provided by the third party concerning our services utilizing, your violation or breach of the Terms and Conditions, your third party rights violation, or other actions executed by you.

The company does not hold responsibility for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, consequential our particular damages which arise in the result  of using the information of as some states or jurisdictions to not allow limitation for incidental or consequential damages the aforementioned  limitation may not be applied to you.




You have to make an agreement that the company may alter Terms and Conditions. Our recommendation is to review them carefully, since any altering are reflected in the particular website section.

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