The Internet Resume is a “Must”

If you are among the innumerable individuals in search of employment, you know that you must do everything possible to make yourself competitive. The first step, as usual, is to write a resume that will be attention-getting and set you apart from uniquely qualified positions you seek.  In fact, you may want to have several resumes, targeted to several business/industry types that may employ someone with your background. In this way, you will have exactly the right resume to respond quickly to any job opening that you may find.

As you write a resume or a cover letter, be certain that it relates well to both potential business/industries and to the specific skills and background you wish to highlight. You may indeed want to use several different resume formats, including chronological, functional, or some hybrid combination of these. A file of different resume formats, in fact, will allow you to pick and choose dependent upon the unique opening. If you have concerns regarding the production of resumes, do some research! You will find resume templates and actual examples at the library, on the web, and in e-publications. If you have not written a resume in a long time, you will discover that more contemporary resume templates will be quite helpful.

In order to give their resumes as much exposure as possible, job applicants must post their documents in as many places as possible – on resume databases and within online job search sites.  Many seekers even develop their own websites for this purpose as well. Maximum exposure means that there are certain keywords and keyword phrases within the resume, as employers search it by these words and phrases.  For example, if you are a computer programmer with skills in specific languages, you will want to be certain that those languages are mentioned in your resume. An employer can then search by those languages, and your resume will pop up.

To ensure that your keywords and keyword phrases are correct, it would be wise to access the websites of companies that employ individuals with your skill set.  Look for “jargon” and terminology used by these companies and be certain to incorporate these when you write a resume. It would also be a good idea to find synonyms for these terms and sprinkle those throughout your resume as well.

The most commonly used word processing program for resume is MS Word, and most employers’ systems are fully compatible. Once in a while, however, an applicant may be requested to post or send a resume in ASCII format, and this will require some additional maneuvering. A recent MS Word program will allow a user to do this quite easily by simply saving it in the ASCII format, so that it can be uploaded in that format to databases and job search sites.  With older Word programs, this function is not completed easily; however, some research will be required.

A job search has become a much more sophisticated task in our technological age. You must compose a resume that truly speaks to your background, experience and skills in a compelling way. You must also be certain that your resume achieves the exposure necessary for you to be a viable candidate everywhere. If you have concerns about your ability to engage in the Internet exposure, consult the best resume writers – it will be worth the nominal fees!