Resume Formats and Delivery Options

My father worked for the same company all of his life. It was a large corporation and he began as a bookkeeper right out of the business school. Over the years, he was promoted and ultimately retired as the chief financial officer. I entered the field of education as a teacher, went to graduate school and became a principal, and, later in life, taught at the university level. All in all, I worked for three different institutions. My daughter graduated college with a degree in computer science. In her current fifteen years of employment, she has already worked for 4 different organizations. She continues to return to school, moreover, to train for additional certifications and licenses, because she intends to go wherever the challenges and the money are. Experts now say that young adults entering the work force today can expect to have a minimum of four distinct careers, not just jobs, in their working lifetime, and that they should not expect to remain with an organizations for more than 5-6 years.  How things have changed! It is no wonder that there is an increasing concern about how to write a resume, about appropriate resume formats, and about remaining active in the job market by always have a current resume at one’s fingertips.

Resumes themselves have certainly changed over the years as well. In the past, when one wrote a resume, it was simply a listing of one’s educational background and employment history in the reverse order. This has come to be known as the chronological resume, and it is still used today, with modifications of course.  Now, a career goal or a general statement about one’s professional background is prominent at the top of the first page, for example. As well, resume templates vary greatly, dependent upon one’s specific employment background and current situation. Individuals can and should spend time researching various types of resumes, in order to determine the most appropriate format for themselves, and the business of producing resumes for others is booming. Those who want to order a resume and not write it on their own will have no difficulty finding a professional with significant experience and skill in this area. The expert resume writers are able to create papers which will definitely bring success to the job applicant.

Internet communication has also altered resume formatting and delivery. It is rare indeed that resumes are sent via regular mail anymore. Today, resume templates and resume formats will occur primarily in MS Word and should be in a font and size that is formal and appropriate. Compatibility among computers using different versions of MS Word has been an issue in the recent past; however, today most businesses will have Word 2010 or higher, and these programs have compatibility features that can convert any earlier version of Word for perfect readability. An applicant should, therefore, not be concerned relative to the Word version utilized for creation of his/her resume that must be emailed either as an attachment or cut and pasted directly into an email message. Concerns of this nature can also be alleviated by faxing the resume to a potential employer or, as an alternative, scanning the document into a PDF format and attaching it to an email. It is a good idea to have both MS Word and a PDF version of one’s resume housed on a personal computer, so that either format can be used at will.