What Resume Writers Should Know When Creating A Resume

1. Using MS Word to create resume templates.

In this technological age, many resume writers turn to Microsoft Office for help creating their resume. Although MS Office does offer a “Resume Templates” option, many certified resume writers would recommend that job seekers write their resume freshly and only use this electronic template as a reference aid.

In addition to pre-prepared resume and CV templates not offering the best presentation to employers, electronic attachments are scanned during transmission and many MS templates get removed because of their extensive and repetitive use.

2. Formats for resume writers.

It is known that recruiters are more interested in recent career history. So, resume writers should list recent jobs first. The two main types of format that one can choose from are the chronological and functional ones.

3. The font types preferred by professional resume writers.

Avoid overly-small or overly-intricate fonts because they are too difficult to read. So, choose sensible font sizes in clear typefaces.

4. Avoid unfriendly electronic templates.

A very good advice for those who write a resume is to avoid electronic templates because many are actually quite unfriendly. Similarly, avoid too much graphics, tables, clip art and unusual file formats because the recipient might not be able to read them. Send your resume in MS Word or .pdf format. If in doubt, seek a professional resume writers review.

5. Why it is not recommended to duplicate information.

You will not find overlapping information or duplication in resumes created by expert resume writers. These will be spotted and may appear as carelessness or a cover-up for shortfalls in the applicant’s previous job responsibilities.

6. Be cohesive in providing your contact details.

Keep your contact details together, preferably at the top of your resume. Because recruiters only spend a few seconds screening resumes, they will move to the next candidate if they cannot readily contact you.

7. Be selective in providing personal information.

If you seek a professional resume writers review, you will be advised not to provide your age, marital status, ethnic group, political persuasions, religious beliefs or other overly-personal details. These don’t add any value and may actually work against you.

8. Keep your resume short.

A two-page resume is usually adequate. Indeed, for those with less experience, a one-page resume may suffice. Most relevant information should appear at the beginning because few recruiters look at subsequent pages.

9. Keep your resume uncluttered.

The best resume writers never over-pack their resumes with continual blocks of the text. They leave plenty white space and use bullets where possible. This is more pleasing to the eye and allows the reader to spot significant points more easily.

10. When an objective statement is important.

An objective statement is crucial if you are trying to negotiate a career change because your skills set will probably not be a perfect match for the position on offer. Therefore, it provides an ideal means of explaining any shortcomings in your resume.