Resumes in the Electronic Age

The days of typing up a resume and mailing it in response to a newspaper advertisement are gone forever. Tthe electronic age is in its place. Companies and organizations that have job openings place those openings on career web sites; they want cover letters and resumes sent electronically, via email or fax; more often than not, they search the career websites by keywords/keyword phrases, looking for matches with job seekers who have placed their resumes on that site. The smart job seeker, then, will fully research and learn everything necessary to launch a job search in this new era of technology.

Resume formats relative to style and structure are now commonly known. If you have not been in the job market for a while, however, you will want to do some Internet research on the various resume or CV templates that are now in use and determine which resume type will best fit your current situation. Understanding how to write a resume that will get results is obviously the most important aspect of a job search, as it is the one thing that will earn an interview. Basic formats include chronological, functional, targeted, hybrids of these three, and “fresh” resumes for those just entering the job market without work experience related to their career field. If you believe you may not be able to create a resume that presents you in the best light, and you think where to buy a resume paper, then, by all means, contact a professional service that has the experience and the skills to help you.  Moreover, professional resume writers can use all facets of word processing to provide shading, bold print, italics, and bullets that will make the document stand out, focus eyes on important points, and provide for easy readability.

Once the resume is ready, be certain that it is on your computer in both MS Word and PDF format, so that it can easily be emailed in the format requested by a potential employer.  To convert a word document to PDF, you will need to scan it into a computer, where a program will convert it to PDF.  It can then be saved to a disk for it to be uploaded to your own computer, or you may email it to yourself, if you do not have scanning capability at home.

Your next step is to access career websites that act as clearinghouses for employers and job seekers.  Posting your resume on these sites allows employers to access it, based upon keywords and keyword phrases in your document.  As you can easily see, resume templates, while important, are not as critical as the actual wording contained within the document itself.  By conducting appropriate research in your career field, you will be able to focus on the key words and terms used within the industry and include such words and terms in your document.  This, in turn, increases the chances that your resume will be delivered to any organization looking for someone with your background and skills.

If the use of technology and the Internet for your job search makes you a bit nervous, you need to realize that this is quite common.  With your own study and research and with the assistance of others who are well versed in the newest methodologies, you can get your resume “out there!”