Role of Personal Branding Statement in Your CV

How can we define a personal branding statement, and how can you benefit from stating it in your CV writing?

Firstly, you should understand that a personal branding statement you are going to mention in your CV is not your current job title or the one you are seeking for. In other words, this is not the Executive Director of the company. Therefore, you should be extra careful not to make great mistakes in your CV that can cost you a career.

For example: If you are the CPA (Certified Public Accountant) at the Company, with profound knowledge of IRS audits, then your personal branding statement highlighted in your CV should imply the following:

Thanks to your skills in IRS, you have managed to save your company millions of dollars during the last audits. Besides, after successful negotiations with tax representatives, you were credited with saving about 50 positions. Considered to be SME (subject matter expert) both in current and past tax code, saving expenditures and increasing company’s profits.

Briefly, your personal branding statement says the following facts:

  1. The employee is keen on the IRS (vital for all international companies)
  2. The individual saved company mane penalties during the audits.
  3. Knows how to save positions
  4. SME on tax code (the major accomplishment)

The above-stated information proves that the applicant is the best candidate for the open position. Therefore, working on your CV sample or cover letter, just think deeper to be able to successfully deliver your message to the hiring manager. However, if you feel that you do not possess enough writing skills and experience, you can contact the professional CV writing services that know all ins and outs of excellent CV and resume writing.

Reverting to the subject, your CV as well as personal branding statement should perfectly describe your skills and expertise to persuade the interviewer. According to the recommendations of professional CV writing services, your CV should accurately state your abilities and also elevate your skills above your worthy candidates. Remember you can always have a look at the professionally written CV templates offered by a number of online resume writing services. Admittedly, for those who cannot cover their resumes on their own, there is an amazing option to buy them online.

Interestingly, few days ago one of our customers submitted information from an employer who apart from the resume, asked for the trait-based proposal. The potential employee explained that their company highly values the following traits:

  • Result-oriented;
  • Sense of purpose;
  • Reasonable decision making;
  • Accountability;
  • Bachelor’s degree.

It should be mentioned that there is nothing weird about such requests. Within the development of job market, and as more highly-qualified specialists would like to apply for the limited number of job openings, all employees these days are looking for the most perfect match for their company.

No need to be in despair! There are many online writing services that can assist you in search of an effective solution!